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JS Security Concepts Pty Ltd was founded in Melbourne in 2001 to become one of the leading Security Companies in Melbourne, specializing in installing the latest CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Home & Business Security Alarm Systems, Intruder Alarms, Nightclub ID Scanners, IP Video Surveillance, ID Verification and Access Control Systems.

JS Security Concepts are based in Melbourne and proudly service our valued clients nationwide.

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Having established an impressive portfolio of clients and are the preferred supplier of Security Surveillance Systems and Services to a variety of large shopping centres across metropolitan Melbourne, providing:

Pub/Nightclub ID Scanners
IP Video Surveillance Solutions
Integrated Access Control Systems
Intruder Alarms & Monitoring
Security CCTV Surveillance Cameras
Security Fog Protection

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Recognized throughout the commercial and public security industry for our expertise in the very latest of technology available to the security industry.

– Latest Cutting edge technology
– IP Video Surveillance integration
– Covering all Commercial, Public,
– Education and Health security
– Demonstrated Client Partnering
– Totally integrated security solutions
– The highest quality customer service.


Fog protection fills the room with dense smoke within seconds which prevents the thief from finding the valuables and entering the protected area. The best theft protection on the market.


JS Security Concepts has a wealth of access control solutions experience that increases security, reduces risk and can optimize the performance of other facets of the organisation.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras are now considered to be an integral part of most security surveillance systems. JS Security Concepts provides design, installation, support and integration of a wide range of CCTV solutions.


JS Security Concepts can supply single-site security alarm installations through to fully-networked, enterprise solutions to meet interior and exterior/perimeter protection needs.



JS Security Concepts offer the very latest in Nightclub / Pub Identification Verification systems with ability to track banned patrons and VIP’s. In addition, it automatically calculates age, logs nightly business activity, and even has the capability to detect fake ID’s. ScanNet is a perfect tool for any licensed venue looking for a solution to scan it’s patrons Identification documents upon entry to the venue thus enabling management the ability to identify trouble makers. ID scanners truly change a venues atmosphere and make troublesome patrons fully aware that they can be held accountable for their actions. Ask today about ScannetHD and see what it can do for your venue.

ScannetHD Data Collector


Real time synchronization with SCAN NET systems (data collection system)

The SCANNET Data Collector takes a live feed from your scanned IDS so that you can quickly add customer details to your patrons profiles

The Data Collector allows your team to enroll customers into your membership program as they walk around your venue.