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Security Smoke Fog Protection

What can security fog protection do that a conventional alarm system cannot??

A conventional alarm system may notify neighbours, passersby and the control centre that an intruder has broken into a house or a company. It is then up to the police and the security staff to safeguard the valuables. Experience shows that it may take up to 10-15 minutes for them to reach the scene. That gives the thief plenty of time to locate the valuables and get away.

Security Smoke & Fog Protection fills the room with dense smoke within seconds, which prevents the thief from finding the valuables and entering the protected area.

These systems are now installed in all types of businesses from offices to schools, pubs to warehouses.

The biggest growth in usage has been in the retail sector with companies like Caltex, IGA, Clarion and Retrovision  installing Smoke & Security Fog Protection across their stores keeping their staff and their stock protected.

The most powerful model Smoke Protection has become even more powerful

In February 2009 PROTECT GLOBAL launched the market’s strongest Security Fog Cannon! The new PROTECT 2200i model has an enormous capacity and discharges 2700 m3 of fog at full speed in 60 seconds. The world’s most powerful fog cannon can protect your valuables, even in the largest spaces!

Download Protect Global Brochure.

Danish quality – but cheap to operate!

A Protect Security Smoke Cannon from PROTECT GLOBAL is particularly cheap to operate. It uses less electricity than a normal electric bulb and requires almost no maintenance. In addition, the smoke fluid can be obtained in a refill container to keep the price for exchanging containers down.

Easy and rapid Installation

In addition, all parts of a Smoke Fog Cannon from PROTECT can be serviced without being dismounted from the wall or ceiling. It is fixed in a high-impact metal and in three elegant colours.

Several common denominators

We have achieved a range of common properties that give a clear insight into the technology and ensure rapid and uncomplicated installation:

All models can be installed both on the ceiling and walls
All models have full integration with all alarm systems
A single type of print, software and connection to the alarm system for all models
External status indicator. Green, yellow and red LED
All product range casings are anti-sabotage steel – yet lightweight!
Robust refill-fluid container with a lightning speed connection
The potential for 4 types of nozzle
Up to 3 hours battery back up in all models if the power fails
Extended battery lifetime due to new, mechanical construction and insulation
Inbuilt automatic battery test in all models so the batteries can be tested daily

Immediate protection of your valuables 

The majority of burglar alarms observe the burglar’s crimes and send a message to others that he’s at work. Security fog Smoke protection immediately builds up a wall and physically acts against the problem within the very first seconds.

We call this immediate protection of your valuables. The burglar cannot see what he has come for.

The Fog Cannon can talk

A Fog Cannon from PROTECT communicates with the control centre so that security guards and the police can take the necessary precautions.

A fire alarm system is no obstacle

Buildings with fire alarm systems can be anti-theft protected with PROTECT’s Fog Cannon without problem.

Protect against vandalism

Vandalism is significantly more difficult when one can’t see what one’s doing!

Reduces any loss

Should the burglar still snatch something from the nearest window, he can’t get anything else and the loss is therefore considerably limited.

Gives you peace of mind

Get a proper night’s sleep when your business is protected by a Fog Cannon.

Reduced risk = reduced insurance premiums

A logical calculation, so contact your insurance company and have a chat about reducing your premium.

Can be discreetly installed

PROTECT GLOBAL Smoke Fog Cannon can be obtained in white, silver and black and is stylishly designed to suit the majority of environments. PROTECT has developed a system that means it is easy to discreetly install it in a ceiling or behind a wall.

Recommended by the police and insurance companies

You are doing nothing wrong by installing security smoke fog protection. However you must not prevent a burglar from escaping out of the fog. A burglar is usually never that far away …

The construction avoids false alarms

A Fog Cannon from PROTECT uses up to three release buttons. If, for example, an employee releases the alarm at the main access, he or she will not activate the Fog Cannon unless the person simultaneously releases one or two alarms more.

The fog is documented to be completely safe

The fog has been tested by laboratories at home and abroad, and has been found to be completely harmless to humans, animals, electronics and furniture. Read more here.

Low operating costs

A fog cannon from PROTECT is cheap on electricity and fluid. It uses less electricity than an electric bulb. Apart from keeping the fog cannon free from dust, there is no other maintenance.

If the power goes, the battery takes over

A fog cannon from PROTECT has battery back up, so the security level can be maintained despite a short-term power cut.

Your alarm system is no obstacle

A Fog Cannon from PROTECT is compatible with all alarm systems throughout the world.