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SCANNET is the latest ID scanner to hit the market.

The definitive Nightclub / Pub solution 

Designed for the bar and nightclub industry

Scannet is a powerful database system that offers the most robust patron management solution available. It provides a unique way of cataloging customers and forecasting future business. In addition, it automatically calculates age, logs nightly business activity, and even has the capability to detect fake ID’s. An ID Scanner is a perfect tool for any licensed venue looking for a solution to scan it’s patrons Identification documents upon entry to the venue thus enabling management the ability to identify trouble makers. ID scanners truly change a venues atmosphere and make troublesome patrons fully aware that they can be held accountable for their actions.

When an ID is scanned, SCANNET automatically:
  • Calculates and displays your customer’s age
  • Generate alert messages if they are under 18
  • Determines if the ID is expired
  • Determines the documents authenticity
  • Determines if the ID was presented earlier on the same night
  • Shows Customer Status – VIP, General Admission, or Banned
  • Adds the record to the ScanNet Database

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