Access Control Systems For Your Organisation

JS Security Concepts Access Control Systems and ID solutions range from card/proximity access systems to intelligent keys.

JS Security Concepts can provide access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate systems to simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors.

Requirements depend on access control risks. We use the latest technologies – including proximity cards and tokens, smart cards and biometrics – sourced from the world’s leading names in access control.

Today’s multi-site, access/ID solutions have changed the way security, property and even HR managers look at access control systems. By providing a fully-integrated, centralized, networked access control solution organisation-wide, total accountability is now achievable.

Meeting Your Access Control Needs

JS Security Concepts has a wealth of access control solutions experience that increases security, reduces risk and can optimise the performance of other facets of the organisation.

Please use the link below to enquire further about ID cards, proximity cards and tokens, biometrics, networked installations, system management, remote access support and more.

Biometric technology

Biometric technology provides the only form of identification that is truly unique to an individual. The term ‘biometrics’ refers to the field devoted to identification of individuals using biological traits. The technology broadly includes the recording and recognition of hand geometry, fingerprints, palm, iris, signature, skin, vein, or voice data.

This achieves real time identity verification against records that are unique to the person. It is considered an extremely high level of security as it is not based on either something someone knows (a code or password) or something someone has (a token or card).

Biometrics offers more than identification simply for physical access control purposes. There are a multitude of other applications of the technology, including verification for financial transactions, network/PC logon as well as time and attendance.

We can source appropriate biometric technologies (iris, fingerprint, face, etc) according to your specification or from our worldwide contacts with major biometrics developers.

Systems Integration

Complete integration of the sub-systems required to protect your premises is the key to successful security control.

Various platforms provide differing levels of user-friendliness, intelligence and sub-system connectivity. They act as a common interface through which access control, CCTV, intruder and related sub-systems are managed.

This is the best way to optimise security effectiveness and productivity within the security management function. It also ensures that all resources are fully mobilised when an incident occurs and archives vital data when post-incident investigations and follow-up audits are made. This can be valuable for other business purposes such as health and safety in addition to the core security role.

Concept 4000 Access / Alarm Systems

Concept Access 4000 maintains its cost effectiveness across the spectrum, regardless of the size of your system. Its modular design and memory size options ensure that you are only paying for what you need.

Furthermore, its incredible expandability along with ongoing product development and support, ensures that Concept Access 4000 systems purchased today is a long term investment in your security management plan, avoiding the need to replace systems that will not keep pace with your needs. Concept Access 4000 provides a totally integrated solution with unrivalled scalability and flexibility.

The Concept Access 4000 seamlessly combines security monitoring, access control of doors and lifts and building management technologies within the one system.

  • The system may be divided into as many as 250 independent or interdependent Partitions or Areas. Each partition may represent a physical location, such as ‘Warehouse’, ‘Office’ or ‘3rd Floor’, or represent a type of function, such as ‘Smoke Detectors’, ‘Hold-up Buttons’ or ‘Plant Equipment’.
  • Each Partition or Area may be operated independently of any other to give the look and feel of up to 250 individual systems. Ideal for a multi-tenanted building, shopping centre or large school campus!
  • Each Partition or Area may be programmed to communicate to different locations or devices by different communication formats. So, some events can be reported locally to computers or printers, whilst other events are reported to a remote Central Monitoring Station.
  • Up to 250 levels of User Access may be implemented across the system.
  • Timed and Remote control of Areas, Doors, Auxiliary outputs etc.
  • Flexible Alarm processing options allow full customization of the sequence of events that occur when an alarm or input is activated.
  • Review memory stores a record of events occurring within systems.
  • Concept systems are expandable to over 2000 detectors,inputs and outputs

Tecom Challenger Access / Alarm Systems

The Challenger Panel is an integrated alarm and access control panel. The panel allows expansion and control of the system with its modular “Add As You Go” design. It has a range of ancillary panels, controllers, readers and LAN devices.

Suitable for locations with special needs, the Challenger has been installed with universities, financial institutions, chain stores, supermarkets and prisons. A large number of Challenger panels are also used to secure homes and small businesses.