JS Security Concepts can provide a security system made up of a number of integrated, sophisticated components to make sure your premises are as protected as possible.

Bio-metric technology provides the only form of identification that is truly unique to an individual. The term ‘Bio-metrics’ refers to the field devoted to identification of individuals using biological traits.

The technology broadly includes the recording and recognition of hand geometry, fingerprint, palm, iris, signature, skin, vein, or voice data. This achieves real time identity verification against records that are inextricably linked to the person, and is considered a higher level of security as it is not based on either something someone knows (a code or password) or something someone has (a token, or card).

Bio-metric devices and systems

There are a plethora of bio-metric devices available — including fingerprint scanners, face and voice recognition, iris scans and keystroke dynamics — and it is important for an enterprise to choose a device that fits and addresses its specific needs, such as business infrastructure, system vulnerabilities and user access.

Below is a brief description of some of the most popular bio-metric authentication devices and systems to help security managers learn the pros and cons and how to know if they are right for an organization.

  • Fingerprint Scanners
  • Iris & Retinal Scanners
  • Face & Voice Recognition

We can source appropriate bio-metric technologies (iris, fingerprint, face, etc) according to your specification or from our own worldwide contacts with major bio-metrics developers.