Keeping logistics and distribution enterprises secure

JS Security Concepts can support you at any level – from a single sub-system to provision of a full, integrated security system with ongoing support.

Logistics security systems and distribution security systems play a vital role in supply-chain security. Whether at site or enterprise level, the aim for protection should be seamless security systems integrated across all aspects of the operation.

When developing a systems-based approach, it is often useful to separate your security needs into six areas which encompass all your protection requirements.
1. Perimeter security management
2. Restricted areas access control
3. Personal attack considerations – particularly for gatehouses or goods in transit
4. Visitor management
5. Monitoring/tracking of the goods in/storage/dispatch cycle
6. General or specific CCTV surveillance and recording

Sub-systems: Core Options & Application Considerations

Access/Egress Control

  • (Smart)Card/proximity reading ID systems (biometric components for higher security areas) – for employees, regular visitors, Cashless Vending, PC log on etc
  • Consider both security access and ‘audit access’ (time & attendance logging  requirements
  • Relevant supporting physical controls – barriers/turnstiles
  • Reports/Traceces for key security/control/audit

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

  • Full-function cameras (PTZ) for general exterior approaches and interior uses
  • Static cameras with software enhancements eg for motion detection, smoke detection
  • Camera-on-track systems for vehicle docking bays/storage aisles
  • Digital video recording – on- and off-site capabilities for response, audit and evidence

Intruder Sensors

  • Door contacts for entry to, and within, restricted areas/Fire exits
  • Perimeter detection systems – also used for sensitive areas within the premises
  • Personal Attack Systems – for gatehouse/reception, customer servers, cash handlers, guards
  • Anti-Masking Intruder Detection Devices – an ‘interior perimeter’ requirement