Helping shopping centres to maximise their security

JS Security Concepts specialises in the service and maintenance of shopping centre CCTV systems.

Our dedicated team combines its in-depth understanding of CCTV with a detailed knowledge of shopping centre environments.

More than 10 shopping centres rely on us to maintain, upgrade and extend their CCTV, with systems ranging in size from a dozen to more than 200 cameras.

There are many benefits to our CCTV systems:

– Visible deterrent
– Deters anti-social behaviour
– Allows 24/7 monitoring
– Rapid access to real-time/stored images
– Peace of mind
– Crystal clear digital image quality
– Covers entrance/exit points
– Security in bars and restaurants
– Help reduce vandalism
– Help reduce theft
– Deter graffiti
– Main entrances
– Reception
– Car parks and external walkways
– Vending machines
– Changing areas and toilets (certain areas)
– Viewing areas
– Gym (for health and safety)
– Fire exits

Sub-systems: Core Options & Application Considerations

Access/Egress Control

  • (Smart)Card/proximity reading ID systems (biometric components for higher security areas) – for employees and regular visitors
  • Consider both security access and ‘audit access’ (time & attendance logging) requirements
  • Relevant supporting physical controls – barriers/turnstiles/rapid transit gates/beams
  • Reports/Traces for key control and usage audit

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

  • Full-function cameras (PTZ) for general exterior approaches and interior uses
  • CCTV control room design and maintenance
  • Static cameras with software enhancements eg for motion detection, camera tampering detection
  • Facial recognition – for high security requirements
  • Digital video recording – on- and off-site capabilities for response, audit and evidence

Intruder Sensors

  • Door contacts for entry to, and within, restricted areas/Fire exits
  • Perimeter detection systems – also used for sensitive areas within the premises
  • Personal Attack Systems – for reception, customer servers, cash handlers, guards
  • Anti-Masking Intruder Detection Devices – an ‘interior perimeter’ requirement