Verint’s Nextiva video management software applications

JS Security Concepts has a wealth of Verint network IP Solutions’ experience that customers tap into to increase security, reduce risk and even optimize other facets of the performance of their organisation.

For most organisations, the challenge is not how to capture information, but how to distil the most timely and important information from the vast array of data captured across the enterprise.

Verint’s Nextiva Video Management Applications bring disparate enterprise systems together, combining security and enterprise data with mission-critical video, and apply powerful analytics to pinpoint significant events, images and data.  Nextiva then sends this intelligence to the right people, wherever they are located.

Nextiva’s powerful software applications include: 

  • Nextiva IntelliFlow – Powerful analytics providing automatic event notification, video distribution and process activation in response to events and behaviours
  • Nextiva IntelliStream – Automatic distribution of live and recorded video to monitors, video walls, PDAs and computers across dispersed user locations
  • Nextiva Review – Enables flexible live and recorded video viewing from a PC client or web browser interface
  • Nextiva Case Management – Transforms case-related video and data captured from a variety of sources into a searchable database
  • Nextiva Healthcheck – Automated health monitoring and diagnostics to enable proactive maintenance
  • Nextiva Vertical Market Applications – Addressing industry-specific needs for government, transportation, retail, banking mobile and campus environments

Nextiva helps organisations make better-informed decisions and take more rapid and effective action to protect people, property and assets.

Nextiva IP Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail

A comprehensive portfolio of retail security solutions for reducing shrinkage and liability

Nextiva Retail helps retailers of virtually any size reduce shrinkage, manage liability and loss, and leverage video to increase sales and operational efficiency. Verint offers an array of retail security solutions to meet the needs and operational requirements of a wide variety of retail enterprises ?

For retailers with hundreds or thousands of cameras on site and retailers with hundreds of sites, but fewer cameras in each location…

For retail security programs that function primarily under the corporate IT team and for security programs operated primarily by loss prevention personnel

The Nextiva Retail portfolio features a wide array of edge devices, integrated analytics, embedded DVRs, video management software, and industry-leading business system interfaces.

Nextiva Video Management Platform
The Nextiva video management platform scales up to thousands of cameras and lets users view images from virtually anywhere in the retail enterprise. Nextiva encoders, decoders, wireless transmitters, and IP cameras feature Verint’s award-winning encoding technology and lead the industry in high-quality imagery coupled with optimal bandwidth usage. And Nextiva’s robust video management software, intelligent video distribution, centralized or remote video management, and system-wide monitoring and diagnostics simplify video management of large, geographically-distributed retail environments.

Sophisticated, Integrated Retail Video Analytics
Nextiva Point of Sale Analysis helps retailers rapidly detect theft and fraud and, when combined with Nextiva Shopper Counting, helps retailers understand conversion rates and take action to improve them. Other Nextiva retail analytics applications, including Camera Tampering Detection, Loitering Detection, Equipment Removal Detection, and more, help loss prevention personnel rapidly identify and manage problem situations, rather than spend their time scanning video monitors trying to detect them. Many Nextiva analytics are available on board Nextiva encoders, wireless transmitters, and IP cameras, for highly accurate results and lower video transport and storage requirements. Plus, Nextiva video analytics are fully integrated with the Nextiva video management platform and solution suites, so alerts can be more rapidly and intelligently distributed.

For Critical Infrastructure, Transit, Retail Environments

Nextiva Analytics help organizations make sense of vast amounts of security video and data, generating actionable intelligence for better decisions and faster, more effective action.

This powerful suite of integrated analytic applications automatically pinpoints potential breaches and significant events and sends video alerts to the appropriate people and agencies. Nextiva Analytics enhance situational awareness and transform threat detection from a manual, resource-intensive operation to an efficient, accurate, automated process.

With Nextiva Analytics, security staff can focus on deterring and managing threats, rather than scanning banks of video monitors trying to detect them.

Full integration with the Nextiva video management portfolio effectively eliminates the operational issues associated with standalone analytic products. And Nextiva analytics-embedded edge devices make analytics practical and cost-effective for virtually every enterprise camera, delivering timely intelligence with fewer transport, storage, and equipment requirements.

Nextiva Analytics in Action Real-Time Actionable Intelligence for Your Industry

Nextiva Analytics is a robust portfolio of integrated analytic applications for enhancing security and operational effectiveness. Designed to address the specific security requirements of critical infrastructure, transit, retail, and enterprise campus environments, Nextiva Analytics feature: Real-time intelligence for a proactive approach to threat deterrence and management Automated alert distribution for rapid, effective response Powerful forensic capabilities for faster, more productive investigations

Analytics “At the Edge” for Superior Accuracy, Scalability,and Cost Effectiveness

Nextiva analytics-embedded encoders and IP cameras apply sophisticated analytics to high-quality video in real time, eliminating the need to send all video to centralized servers for analysis. Besides providing more accurate and comprehensive analyses, this can greatly reduce your data transport and storage requirements and significantly increase the number of camera inputs per server. As a result, you can expand your analytic capabilities with less equipment and lower costs.

Nextiva Integration for Intelligent Alert Distribution and Highly Effective Operation

Nextiva Analytics are fully integrated with all Nextiva vertical market and video management solutions, for more rapid deployment and streamlined operation. Video analytic rules can be easily created and rapidly applied directly within the video management environment. Alerts can be intelligently distributed virtually anywhere, according to the security policies your organization already has in place. And operators and managers can view video alerts from Web browsers, network-connected PCs, and video walls — just as they would any other video.

Busy International Airport Nextiva Analytics help secure this major airport and the 70 million passengers that move through it every year.

Fortune 100 Big Box Retailer Nextiva helps this retailer determine the effectiveness of store locations, promotions, and staffing by automatically capturing and assessing variations in the number of shoppers.

Major Cargo and Passenger Seaport Nextiva Analytics enhance security policy enforcement in cargo areas and guard expansive land and water perimeters.

Which Nextiva Analytics Package is Right For You?
Nextiva Analytics are designed to address specific industry challenges,
goals, and operational environments. Available applications include:

Critical Infrastructure

Objects Removed
Scene Stitching
City Monitoring
Left Baggage

Campus Environments

Secure Area Monitoring
Equipment Removal
Speed Analysis


Perimeter/Tunnel Intrusion
Wrong Direction Detection
Unattended Objects
People Counting
Parking Lot


Customer Assistance
Parking Lot Security
Shopper Counting
Fraud Detection
POS Analysis


Nextiva Video Encoders and Decoders with Video Analytics

Nextiva eases IP video migration with a wide array of intelligent edge devices for indoor, single- and multi-camera applications. Nextiva video encoders feature the industry’s most effective video encoding technology, designed to deliver excellent imagery, while using significantly less network bandwidth than comparable video devices. Nextiva edge devices are built for high performance — up to 4CIF/30fps — and easy installation and management using either Nextiva Enterprise or other video management software (via the Nextiva Advantage SDK).

Add Value to Analog Video Investments

Nextiva video servers add value to existing video investments. Nextiva video encoders digitize video from analog cameras and transmit images over IT networks. Nextiva video decoders deliver the digitized video to analog monitors for viewing.

Long Life and Low Cost of Ownership

Nextiva encoders and decoders are designed for long life, low cost of ownership, and peak energy efficiency. Nextiva edge devices feature a compact enclosure, reducing space requirements. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is available with many Nextiva edge devices, reducing power requirements. Reduced power consumption and external power supplies can vastly diminish operational and replacement costs and enhance reliability.

Other features include dual-stream MPEG-4 video, SSL-based authentication, RS-422/485 serial connections for PTZ support, noise reduction filters, optional bi-directional audio, and optional on-board video analytics.

Nextiva Single-Port Video Encoders and Decoders

Nextiva single-port encoders are available for a variety of single-camera applications with performance up to 4CIF/30 frames per second. These encoders provide dual-stream MPEG4/MJPEG video, with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and on-board analytics each optional.

Nextiva single-port devices also include an RS-422/485 serial connection for PTZ support, one alarm input and one alarm output, SSL-based authentication, a noise reduction filter, bi-directional audio, and an extended temperature option.

Nextiva S1970e Product Documentation

► Nextiva S1900e Series User Guide

► Nextiva S1900e Series Installation Guide

► Nextiva S19X0e Rackmount Plate Installation Guide

   S1900e Compact, DVD-quality encoder with optional on-board analytics and extended temperature support
   S1950e Compact, high-resolution encoder for affordable CCTV migration to enterprise IP networks; offers optional extended temperature support
   S1970e DVD-quality encoder for optimal image quality, with optional PoE and extended temperature support
   S1970e-R Compact decoder for delivering DVD-quality video to analog monitors, with single, quad, or guard tour display

Nextiva Multi-Port Video Encoders

Nextiva features powerful encoders for multi-camera, indoor applications, with performance up to 4CIF/30 frames per second. Nextiva multi-port encoders provide dual-stream MPEG-4 video, an RS-422/485 serial connection for PTZ support, alarm inputs and alarm outputs, SSL-based authentication, and a noise reduction filter. Optional on-board video analytics and bi-directional audio are also available. Compactly designed, these devices fit in a 1U, 6-inch (15-cm) enclosure.

Nextiva S1704e Product Documentation:

► Nextiva S1700e Series User Guide

► Nextiva S1700e Series Installation Guide

   S1704e 4-port, DVD-quality encoder, with bi-directional audio channel and on-board analytics each optional
   S1708e 8-port, DVD-quality encoder with optional on-board analytics and optional bi-directional audio channel or 12 audio inputs
   S1712e 12-port, high-resolution encoder with optional bi-directional audio channel or 12 audio inputs
   S1724e 24-port, high-resolution encoder with optional bi-directional audio channel

On-Board Video Analytics

Nextiva video analytics enhance situational awareness and transform threat detection from a manual, resource-intensive operation to an efficient, accurate, automated process. With Nextiva analytics, security staff can focus on deterring and managing threats, rather than scanning banks of video monitors trying to detect them. Nextiva analytics are fully integrated with the Nextiva video management portfolio, including Nextiva’s intelligent, policy-based video distribution and process activation. This integration effectively eliminates the operational issues associated with standalone analytic products.

With Nextiva analytics-embedded edge devices, video is analyzed at the point of capture, so it isn’t necessary to send all video to centralized servers for analysis. Nextiva on-board video analytics make sophisticated analytic technology practical for nearly every enterprise camera, with high-quality images analysis and lower transport, server, and storage requirements.